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In maths this term, we have learned a lot – all the way from place value to measuring area and perimeter. We enjoyed when we learned about the different types of numbers such as prime, cubed and square numbers. We have improved in graphs and tables because at first we didn’t understand what a two-way table was. We found Roman Numerals challenging because the number four is not a single letter, you need to say ‘one less than five’ which is IV or ‘one less than ten’ which is IX. Overall, we feel that maths is getting easier for us and we like our lessons.

From IG and AK


This week, we have been doing story maps for our own stories using pictures because we are ahead in our lessons! We all enjoyed it because we enjoy drawing and colouring. They all look different and colourful. People put a lot of work into it. We did hot tasks and cold tasks this term – portal stories, warning stories and non-fiction texts. We also learned about different types of sentence structure and how to check our work carefully to avoid mistakes.

GH and NR


At the start of the term, Blakeney class drew dragons from a Youtube video just to brush up on our sketching skills. We mostly enjoyed the colouring and the technique that made it 3D. We all got better at it – it was challenging to draw the dragon but we got used to it and the dragons turned out amazing! Next we did Native American masks for DT. First we drew our plans for the mask, then we put the paper mâché on them before painting them. It was very fun to do – we all enjoyed the painting and creating. The tricky part was the detail but it turned out well in the end. Currently, we are working on mountain landscapes. We learned about a man named Albert Bierstadt and copied the style he used with water colours and pastels. We enjoyed painting the pictures – they improved our skills. We think art is fun and really creative.

By LB and TG

Physical Education

This term in PE, we have been doing gymnastics. We have been doing rolls, jumps and walking on benches. I enjoy that we do something different every week and I like doing jumps from high apparatus. I got better at doing different types of rolls on the mat. It’s quite challenging to climb on the apparatus because you have to hold on for a while and it makes your hands quite sore. It is a fun sport to do – even when it is raining. We have also done team sports such as bench ball and netball. I also remember doing some hockey and tennis which was fun. I like the PE lessons as we learn different sports each week.



This term in Blakeney, we learned all about the Wild West and the effect that the pioneers had on the Native American way of life. We had a trip to the museum where we learned what it was like to be a pioneer. That was a great day! This half term ,we have been learning about mountains and mountain ranges because the pioneers had to cross a big mountain range called the Appalachian Mountains – that’s what stopped Europeans moving west for a long time. We learned how mountains are made and what the environment is like on mountains. We also learned about the climate and created temperature charts to show the changes. I found climate changes challenging. It was interesting to find out that over 150,000 people have climbed Ben Nevis! We really enjoyed the lesson where we got to make our own ecotourism resort and then present it to the class.

AK and KG



In science, we learned about properties and changes of materials. For example, we learned that reversible materials including melting wax, dissolving sugar and melting chocolate. Irreversible materials include burning wood and baked cakes. I liked this work as it was interesting and fun. This term, we learned about living things and their habitats. We enjoyed putting animals in their groups. We love science lessons – especially when we have to do experiments!

By BP and GH


Bonjour!! We learned how to count and have conversations in our French Lessons. We also know colours, instruments and the names of class objects. It is fun to learn French. For example: Comment t’appelle tu? Je m’appelle Didier. We especially liked a lesson where we had to colour objects and say what colour they were.

SP and JL

Ninja Maths

Every afternoon this term. We have been doing Ninja Maths. We have learnt new things – new calculations, and it is a quick and easy way to review maths skills when we come back from lunch. We enjoy it because we get more confident in maths and get better at things every day. It makes our lives better! I even know 15×15 now! I do find it challenging when we learn new things in maths but that’s important.

AT and NP


This term in handwriting and spelling, we learned how to spell lots of new words. Each day, we have learned a new word – what it means, how it is spelt, its synonyms and antonyms and how to use it in a sentence. We also learned how to write it using joined handwriting. We can really enjoyed these lessons and we can all spell better now. Some words were a bit hard but we are all happy we have done the spelling and handwriting as we get better at it.

EB and PL

Guided Reading

This term, we did lots of different texts! Some about food, some about events. In our tests, we also did guided reading. Most of our favourite texts came from the three Comprehension Boxes that we have in our classroom. They get harder and harder but we are getting better and better at them every day! Also Ms Back said we are getting really good at comprehension very quickly and said she is very proud of us – that makes us feel very happy.

KB and FH

EAL – Learning English in the Classroom

The Following has been translated with the help of Google Translate: It’s been difficult since I started at Greyfriars this term but there are lots of resources that have helped me along the way, such as reading books in Romanian and translated into English. I’ve also been learning the letters and numbers using language card. I have on to one lessons with Mrs Marshall and I use Education City which I find very useful. I have access to the internet to help me translate words I don’t understand. I have learned a lot already even though I only came to England a few months ago.


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