Making autumn jelly

On Thursday we put on our hi-vis vests and went for a walk.

We went over the bridge, through the gate, and into The Walks. We loved it! We were looking for signs of autumn.

We collected a big bag of leaves, flowers, sticks, conkers, conker cases and anything else that we thought was autumnal.  Then we went back to the classroom.

We started to make our jelly.  We measured the water and stirred in the powder.  Miss Cook took the jelly mixture to the staff room to warm it up so that it would set.

After that, we took turns in putting some of our autumn finds into the jelly.  We already knew that we couldn’t eat this jelly unless we were a squirrel – and none of us are squirrels.  We know because we checked to see if we had tails!


When it was finished, it looked like this!

Some of us thought that not even squirrels would want to eat this!

We had to leave it over night to set.

What happened next?

We’ll have to do another post, because there are too many photographs!


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