Heacham Class go to the polls!

Today, Heacham class had a vote.

Harriet says “We were voting for choosing people.”

Harper says “We will go and talk with the big children.”

We were voting for two children to be our class representatives on the Junior Leadership Team.

Lola-Marie says “We had to do a ticket.”

Harry says “We have to do a tick in the box and then you fold it up and then you put it in the box and then you go back to class.”

Angel says “We need to wait for the two winners.”

Miss Cook counted the votes.  The people who are going to be our class representatives are Harper and Alex!

We also did some work about parliament and how the whole country votes for people to be in parliament, just like we vote for people to go to Junior Leadership Team.

One Response to “Heacham Class go to the polls!”

  1. Mr Sellers says:

    Great job Heacham Class! Well done for going over and above for your school. I am very excited to welcome both Harper and Alex to our new Junior Leadership Team. 🙂

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