What a first week back!

Well, we are nearly at the end of our first week back, and what a week it has been!

On Monday we spent the day being inventors, and creating time machines from junk modelling sent in from home.  This was our topic launch day for “Travelling Through Time” and was quite exciting.  We talked about what we would like to find out about, and the kinds of things we think should be invented.  (I did have some pictures of this but they are stuck on the camera and I can’t get them off.  I’m working on it!)

On Wednesday we dressed up again for Roald Dahl day.  It was based on George’s Marvellous Medicine, which is the book we are reading at the moment (and it matches our inventors topic!) and so we spent the day making some Potent Potions of our own.

Here are some of our pictures from the day.

We made lava lamps with water, oil, food colouring and salt.

We made rainbow foaming magic with food colouring, vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda.




We soaked red cabbage in warm water to get the colour out, and then used vinegar to turn it pink and bicarbonate of soda to turn it blue. There were a lot of “WOW!” noises when I demonstrated this one!

We used strips of tissue to make water ‘walk’ from one cup to another.

All of these magic potions can be made at home, which is why I sent home the instructions so you could have a go yourself!

It’s been a very exciting start to the school year and we’ve worked hard.  Next week we will settle down to the proper work of year 2, and I’ll do a proper blog post about that at the weekend.

Until then, please leave any comments below, or email me scook5nrx@nsix.org.uk

Miss Cook

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