Pirates of the Curry Bean Review

Pirates of the Curry Bean Review

Year 5 and 6 pupils gave the performance of their lives in their funny musical, Pirates of the Curry Beans, during the last week of the term. The panto-style play was full of hilarious jokes, energetic dances and engaging stunts to keep the audience enthralled. Although the show was complex to put together and tricky for children to master logistically, they rose to the challenge and the end result was amazing.

Why do we do performances?

The importance of performances in children’s educational development is often debated, however the children clearly learn so much about themselves during the transition from rehearsals to showtime! Last year, many of the children discovered a confidence in themselves through doing things that they didn’t know they were capable of. For instance, children developed a wide variety of practical skills that included collaboration and stage-management. For Pirates of the Curry Bean, the children managed the whole thing themselves and did this so efficiently! There were not only the cast members who cued themselves on and off stage by following the script, but there were also the prop managers, sound technicians and ticket collectors who had to know their jobs inside out to ensure the success of the play!

Shows can also have a great impact on language skills: The cast become accomplished readers, interpreting their characters’ motivations to bring the written word to life; they learn that punctuation and correct intonation is crucial for clear communication, for things like delivering a punch line. Conveying the meaning of a line requires that children understand the words, the context and the relevance to what is happening in the play as a whole. Hence, it certainly motivates children to improve their reading!

Importantly, the children have great fun and a lasting memory of their time at primary school as they head off to secondary school. Well done to all the children involved – you made your teachers and parents very proud!

What can you do now if you want to be in next year’s play?

Many children are excited by the idea of participating in the Year 6 performance next year and ask what they can do to improve their chances of getting a role. Well, children – we look for pupils who can read with expression so start practising your reading now! Read stories out loud, use voices to distinguish the different characters, notice where the pauses are (commas) and the full stops are (take a breath)! Apart from good readers, we also look for children who have good attendance and who are well-behaved so that we are able to make the most of the time we have for rehearsals. Therefore, you can start proving your reliability now by attending school regularly and making the right choices in class and in the playground. We look forward to seeing what you are all capable of this year!

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