Key Stage One – Surviving in the Woods!

It was a cold, damp day, that ended with heavy rain and some thunder, but that did not stop the intrepid explorers of Key Stage One learning how to survive in the deep dark woods of Holt Hall.

Each of the groups went to a different area of the woods, and step one was to finish the half built shelters that were there. We had to look for different sized branches, stuff cracks with leaves, moss and ferns, and wriggle inside to see if we could all get in.

What else does a survivor need? After shelter, we needed warmth. We learnt to lay a fire, what sized breakfast, lunch and dinner twigs to collect, and then we lit it and cherished it until it grew big enough to warm us up.

The last thing we needed, as survivors, was food. Whilst we had brought packed lunches from home, clearly they were never going to be enough in the wild, and so we were shown how strip a hazel stick, how to wrap damper bread around a stick to cook it over the fire, and then finished the meal with marshmallows, impaled on the sticks.


We had a wild woods game of hide and seek in the rain to finish off the day, before the clouds decided it really was home time for us, and began to rain with seriousness!

It was a brilliant day!

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