Extreme Earth – Useful Topic Links

As you may know, our topic this term is Extreme Earth. Children will find out all about the earth’s extremes, from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying towering tsunamis. They can also explore how these extremes affect people, communities and landscapes through a series of informative and thought-provoking lessons. If you wish to find out more and support your children in their learning about these fascinating phenomenon, take a look at the following website links with the children, or simply encourage them to have a look themselves and ask them what they learn!

Discover extreme events in the Earth’s history that dwarf anything witnessed by humans – monster volcanoes, hute meteor impacts and epic ice ages. What clips from this great BBC documentary series.


The following BBC website provides information about natural disasters, which have been experienced by humans! With a wide range of quality videos (short clips for short attention spans J ), children can learn about hurricanes, tsunamis volcanic eruptions and more. Fascinating viewing for both children and adults!


This collection contains a selection of content from National Geographic Education about natural disasters. Video and text included.


This Oxfam site provides you with all the educational tools you need to teach (and learn) your children more about natural disasters – why they happen and what we can do to help others in need.



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