My first blog post!

Mey's anatomy is labelled in our class biology lesson!

Mey’s anatomy is labelled in our class biology lesson!

The children will be very amused to know that this is my very first blog post – having grown up with public phone boxes (not smart phones) and microfiches or volumes of Britannica to access my world knowledge (not the internet), I tend to be a tad bit technology shy 🙂 When I tell the children that I grew up without all the wonderful online gadgets that they enjoy today, their next question is often, “Miss, were you Victorian?” They don’t realise how quickly information technology has advanced just in the last twenty years! Anyway, I am proud to be taking this next step in my tech education and sharing my progress with you all on our wonderful website! Look out for more updates on what the children are getting up to in classes. There will be frequent blogs and photographs uploaded to our class page, but for those who prefer the ‘old school’ approach, feel free to come in and see our Blakeney photo albumn at any time after school!

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